The one where you want to do everyhting you can

User Rating: 10 | Fable: The Journey X360
I think this game is quite fun and interesting.The storyline is still very amazing and the graphics are nice.The best thing is about kinect, it's the first game where you can use it, the detection and working of kinect in this game is very good i could say.The bad thing is there is no free roam, but in the spite of that we have optional quest which saves it. The quest are short and fun. So that why i called this game "been there, done that". If you could think that riding on a horse is quite booring there isn't the character around you tells story, you collect many orbs with which you can upgrade your level and when you think that you will go into booring at the same time some guys show up and attack your cart.So overall i give it 10 especially for the nice kinect optimization, interesting storyline, and new gameplay.