Fable: The Journey Good?

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Well surprisingly, IGN gave Fable: The Journey a good score. If their rating system is correct, that will have meant that Kinect has had its first good game since Dance Central. And this will have also meant that Lionheads had their first good game since Fable TLC and Fable 2. I actually played the demo recently to this game, I came in with low expectations because of Fable 3, also Kinect nonsuccess so far and I ended up having a blast instead. Let me know you thoughts on this game.

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I am enjoying it thoroughly. Needless to say, it's all about expectations management - it seems a lot of people are pissed because this game isn't Fable 4. While I agree a proper Fable game would be much better than this game, if you take it for what it is it actually is quite a lot of fun. Definitely my favorite Kinect game (not saying much), but its a fun casual rail shooter. Just don't expect a game for "hardcore" gamers.

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this game isnt Fable 4? of course its Fable 4. its a direct continuation of the previous games, bringing a close to the spire and theresa's plot lines. all it takes is the ending of this game to show that, because *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER* all of albions heroes are gone, will is all but nonexistant by this point, and gabriel becomes the next seer *END SPOILER, END SPOILER* anyway, great game.
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Yeah I agree. I believe people are mainly upset with the downsloping the Fable franchise in the recent years. I haven't bought it yet, but I definitely try the full game, it seem fun. As for the actual Fable games, I hope they will root back to the original Fable game. Lionheads should create a fan base to suggest ideas for the next Fable game, just as Cyberconnect is doing for Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

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Really? I could have sworn this was a side story from the original bloodline, since Gabriel is not a part of it. But I suppose if what you say is true, then it does affect the main story.

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i dont even know what direction the fable series could take from this point forward, especially if they continue with this trend of each game being X years into the future. i liked being able to wear armor in the first game. and they took that out. maybe with molyneux gone, lionhead can give this game a reboot? debatable whether the games need it or not, but it would be refreshing. or something, at least. i dont think the games have been growing more 'terrible' with each installment, they just havent been particularly noteworthy mechanics wise, what with everything being so simplified. a more involved experience might be cool, with character stats and item forging and whatnot. idk.
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Well a reboot may be in need. The reason the newer Fable games haven't been that great is due to the fact that with each installment, they keep taking things out and making things too simple. That main menu of Fable 3 (The Sanctuary)was just terrible, the menus from Fable and Fable 2 were much more convenient. Then there were the experience and weapon issues. To gain expeirence in Fable 3, you had to go to the "Road to Rule", collecting experience orbs was much more convenient and much more rewarding. To level up weapons, it was better to either gain new weapons weapons and/or add augmentations, not completing online challenges. Also, the fact that customization was ripped out of the game, you had to pay for dye and had a limited selection of clothing. I miss the days of the armor, helmets and more legendary swords and bows too. Guns are nice, but they shouldn't force you to have a gun, it should be optional whether you want a gun or a bow.

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I don't think guns vs. bows or armor choices makes or breaks any of the Fable games - that's a matter of personal taste (and unfortunately not every single person can be catered to). I've never played Fable 2, but playing Fable 3 after the original was pretty shocking.

They took out most of the things that made Fable fun, while keeping the things that made Fable cool. Yes, your characters appearance reflects your moral choices, the game world is artistic (and one of my personal favorites of any series), etc. But who cares if the gameplay is dumbed down to such a point that a 5 year old could easily play the game. The Fable games are made for reasonably mature audiences (rated for 17+ in the US for the overprotective parents), why not put a little more faith in our ability to handle more than basic gameplay mechanics.

In either case, this game is a pretty sweet rail shooter. It's also right in line with Lionhead Studios belief that gamers are inherently stupid and only like games with shallow gameplay mechanics. Luckily, rail shooters need not be too deep.

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The Fable franchise is about customization, molding the hero that you want while unraveling his/her story. If they can't give you simple customization, such as the choice between a bow or a gun, a cleaver or a sword, a fire spell or a water spell, then there's hope lost for your dream hero. You're right in the aspect that it's not what makes or break a Fable game, but it does make visible the fine line between freedom to chose and restriction of control.

Fable 2 is the boundary between a really good Fable game and a bad Fable game, Fable TLC being the really good one and Fable 3 being the bad one. I've never played Fable 3 myself, I've only played the demo, but I have watched enough reviews to get a general idea of what it is like. The only thing it really has going for it are the graphics, the stronger reflection of your moral attributes and the combination between two spells. Now the combination of the spells added to the simplicity problem of Fable 3, but I don't believe it was a bad idea. In addition to that, they should have made your enemies more powerful, more difficult, have more functions, more attacks, maneuvers etc., not constantly blocking and dodging, that's just sad.

The gameplay of original Fable and Fable TLC is not present in Fable 2 or Fable 3. The original gameplay is was much better for single player, the newer gameplay is more suited for co-op, but is overall less fun. If they could just find a way to bring back the original gameplay style and still tie in co-op with a partner that actually matters in the story and matter to the people around you, then it would be perfect.