Highly addicting, low on combat

User Rating: 8 | Fable II X360
You start out as a nothing, a poor street kid living in Bowerstone, but when you get your hands on a magic box from the ancients, everything changes.

Fable 2 is great, a great story, fun puzzles but an average combat. I thought the combat was easy but not easy enough to where you don't the combat's fun. The only problem is, the only reason it's addicting is not because of the story or the the combat or even the puzzles, it's because your trying to get everything. Maybe your trying to beat all the quests only because you want your quest box empty, maybe your trying to collect all the legendary weapons so you can know you got them, or maybe it's just your trying to get all of the achievements. That's my one problem with it, your not addicted to the game, you just want to be able to show off to yourself all the the stuff you have.