Childish at times, yet still fun!

User Rating: 8 | Fable II X360
I have played every aspect of the game at my friends house and I must say, I was impressed at the new features. What got me down is the storyline. The first hour it was incredibly immersive, but then it got repetetive. The whole story is unveiled in front of you in the beginning of the game and all you must do is follow what the beginning of the game told you. There aren't much secrets like the first game.

Another bad thing about the game is that there are a few resemblences to the first game. Bowerstone was probably the only one that looked like it was from the first game. Oakvale from the first game got its name changed to Oakfield. When you go to Oakfield, there isn't anything there you would recognize. Theresa, the sister of the main character in the first game, acts as your 'guide' in the second game which I thought was cool that she lived 500 years.

For those who want to use will in this game, don't get it for that. There are maybe 10 will spells and that's it. It makes sense storyline-wise because from the 500 years from the first game, magic was forgotten and all they use were muskets and swords. You cannot zoom in on your character like the first game either, which turned me off even more from the game. I thought they'd keep some tracks from the first game, because the music from the first game was wonderful, but they put more 'one pluck string' type of music where its not really a song but its just there to make an atmosphere.

Good things though are that there are more features such as jobs, the cities are bigger, you can walk wherever you want now, it's not a linear path like the first game, you can have muskets and pistols, and of course, different clothing styles.

That's only as good as it gets, it can't get any better (in a bad way).

Oh yeah, and for those who like rampaging like the first game and killing guards, its VERY hard in this game. Everything is easy except killing guards. Not just that, the game has many bugs which must be patched, such as cutscenes getting messed up by random enemies attacking (you must restart the game), when you commit a crime, you tell a guard you'll do community service, not do it, and when your time is up to do community service, you tell him again that you'll do community service. So you can practically do crimes and get away with it.

That being said, the game was pleasurable, but it could have been better. This game was more of an addon to the first story than an actual second story. It's just "Get the 3 skill, will, strength heroes and you're done the game." The game is definately worth a try, whether you buy it (I suggest this) or rent it.