Not the most serious RPG, but a whole lot of fun.

User Rating: 7.5 | Fable II X360
Very entertaining game that easily makes up in charm and entertainment what it lacks in 'sophistication'.


1. From a straight RPG perspective, the combat is very can't die (for alot of 'serious' gamers this kills it for them)
2. Far too easy to get people to fall in love with you and then they follow you around when you're in town...I got married just because I thought it would didn't.
3. Mini-games are lame.
4. Graphics aren't the best.


1. The world is fairly big and you can adventure throughout it all.
2. Tons of quests, that vary between serious and hysterically funny.
3. The game is about much more than hack-and-slash (that's actually the worst part). You can interact with the economy by buying and selling houses/ stores and renting them out and receiving income;some stores hold sales, so you can arbitrage between them; relationships...some of them are annoying, but overall, nice addition.
4. Story is engaging.