Fable 2 is a story about a hero getting revenge on a man named Lucien for killing her sister,the story is very wel pland

User Rating: 9.5 | Fable II X360
fable 2 is just more than an rpg game that people love, it brings back the classic that other games dont have. the game might start out boring at first, but when you get to good parts. then you'll get addicted to it(well for some people). The has amazing features like online play even though u cant bring ur charcter to other peoples realm, you can now get married and have kids, which im sure no other game can do except for sims but u can just get married. i can go for features but i dont feel like typing all of it. the games gameplay(controls i mean) is ok. the one button for X(Melee)and Y(range) are nice and simple to use, but B(spells)could have a been better. like instead of charging for spell power lvl. they could of just let it automatically get to the highest lvl and let bubbles on the side(when u press R)have the spell u want from up to down. the camera is for sure the thing they should of fixed because everytime i turn i always bump into a wall or something. despite all the problems by far this is one of the best RPG games ive played since the first fable, and Fable 1 really good. Hopefully this will become RPG of the year.