fable 2 one of the best rpgs out there

User Rating: 9 | Fable II X360
the new fable three does not even par up to fable 2. u are one of the four heros that are trying to stop the big bad kingdom leader through the game u are trying to find the hero of will , strength, skill, unluck fable, in fable two u now have a dog u can play with him u can do tricks and he can help u fight enemies, u can buy many weapons in the game same as the first one and now there are rifles , muskets, and hand guns, now to addition to guns there are legendery weapons, u can noow work and have jobs in the game it is the same level system as before u are trying to find as much ex as possible. now when u marry in the game u can have children as i know u can have to thats about as much as i got to now. as of the fighting game play ad spells the fighting in the game is basic the same but u have to unlock rolling and aiming witch is very very easy, the smells are a little diffrent there is now chaos and blades, and u need to charge your magic to have the bigger spells. the new cloths are a chicken suit a new bandit suit a princess and a prince cloths. it is pretty much the same game but way better and way funner i would recommend this game to every one this is a need to buy game at any cost at any time