One of the best Action/RPG I have ever played.

User Rating: 10 | Fable II X360
This game is hands down, a masterpiece.

The depth of this game is incredible. I have been playing it for probably 300 hours, and still there is a ton more stuff to do.

The battle system is awesome, the graphics are incredible, music and sound effects are perfect.

This game reminds me of zelda 64 which was an awesome game but this game is about 10 times better.

Remember the depth of the Zelda games or many other nintendo games like mario etc that made them so great? This game puts those to shame. Its awe inspiring the work and detail that was put into this game. Its like someone worked 10 years on it.

Despite the name, this is not a kids game at all. I am a grown man and there were parts of dungeons where I was very scared and reminded me alot of resident evil. The music is extremely scary and adds to it alot. There is alot of murder, betrayal, sadness, suicides, and atrocities that occur throughout this game. There is monsters that eat children and store their body parts in bloody bags. I am just mentioning this because my cousin bought this for her kids. Then I ended up getting it for free tho haha

There is alot of really funny humor in this game however, it is also filled with intensely serious and sad parts, it leaves a strange taste in your mouth much like real life.

I wish there were a few more types of enemies, but there are plenty of awesome ones. Thing about this game is you will end up fighting and killing humans most of the time. Another reason its not for kids.

This game contains prostitution, embezzlement, murder, theft, revenge, hatred, jealousy, torture, excecutions, despair, and all types of stuff of that nature.

I cant stress enough how fantastic the battle system is in this game, the weapons, skills, magic, are all just perfect. If you enjoyed the zelda ocarina of time battle or game in general you are going to love this game.

If I were to choose zelda over this game it would only be because it has a happier mood to it.

In order to enjoy this game you must turn the glowing trail off completely, and you must not fast travel unless you have been there at least 10 times, recently, because each area of the world changes, drastically, and you will miss everything.

There is so much exploration in this game and so many hidden things to find, so many awesome weapons and items, I cant believe how much work went into this game.

The action rpg is not my favorite genre but this is the best one there is. I dont think any real gamer can be dissapointed by this game.

I reccomend to get the platinum hits edition it contains all the downloadable content, which was alot, on the disc.

If ever you were to finish this game, then you go back and be evil instead of good and the game will be alot different.

You could literally play this game 6 hours a day for a whole year and not do everything.

This game reminds me alot of the old PC game Ultima 7, in the fact that it is totally non linear, you can interact with everything and everyone and do anything at any time..

To the guy who said it was too easy, you obviously did not play it very long. I thought that at first but by the end of the game the enemies will be quite difficult, and I have taken alot of damage... however I have not ever died in the game but I do keep an eye on my health at all times. A thing i like about the game is the health is a glowing red bar that is impossible to not notice.

The enemies scale in difficulty much like elder scrolls they will get harder and harder the farther you get.