Great game with absolutely no challenge.

User Rating: 1 | Fable II X360
As a game, this game is 2/10 since there is absolutely no challenge.
As a interactive story, this game is 8/10.
For me, of course, this is subjective.

First of all i dont like the gameplay change from Fable 1. Fable 1 had great controls on melee, range, and magic. Fable 1 was very easy, since you get strong like a god very easily. Now on Fable 2, you not only get strong like a god easily, you also cant die! Everytime you die, you lose an insignificant amount of xp and then you respawn as if nothing happened! Seriously, whats the point of this?!

-If you like being challenged, if you play games because you like to take your playing skills to the limit, then you will HATE this game, because the game basically plays itself for you, its absolutely POINTLESS.

-Now if you would like to immerse yourself in a beautiful world, with great audiovisual value, if you would like to just see a interactive story (thats what this game is) than this game is for you.

Artistically, the game is beautiful, but the graphics are horrible. The shadows are very low res, there is nothing amazingly detailed, its just OK. The only impressive thing about the graphics are the character models that are quite impressive and very creative. The framerate is HORRIBLE. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD LIONHEAD RELEASE THIS GAME ONLY FOR XBOX360?! WHAT ABOUT THE DAMN PC, LIONHEAD?! I cant believe that till today there are developers releasing games for this piece of junk from 2006, xbox360 and ps3 were already dated since they were released, damn.

Also, the history in this game is HORRIBLE, the ending is HORRIBLE, my 8 years old brother could have written a better tale.