A absolutely amazing game. Some different ideas from RPG games which made it unique, however the story is a bit short.

User Rating: 8.5 | Fable II X360
In Fable II, you control a Female/Male character of your own who starts off as a child to see your sister murdered by the Hero Killer, Lord Lucien. You are aided by a strange woman named Theresa. Theresa watches over you as you grow up to become a adventurer and your mission is to seek out the three hero's of Albion, who are the Hero of Skill, Strength and Will and Defeat Lord Lucien.

I didn't think much of the fable series from the look of the trailers and game play. However i bought this game to see what it was like and i think the content and the story are fantastic. I was a bit disappointed about how short the game was because i think games that have long in-depth storyline are superb. But over than that i think this game is well worth it.

In my opinion, this game was different from classic role-playing games because instead of levelling and experience, you had skill, strength and magic points that you gain from fights and you can build into a mage, warrior or a archer or even all three. I also thought that another nice new feature in this role-playing game compared to other games is that every other role-playing game you'd get better armour through the game while this is the only role-playing game that I've played that you don't use armour and instead you can buy clothes to design what you look like and then dye your clothes so you can customise what colours you want to have on. I've always loved developing your character through armour and statistics in games as you progress, but i surprisingly liked this feature.

The game play of this game was fairly easy all the way through as the combat wasn't massively challenging, in which it did start getting a bit tedious. The developers could have made the combat more challenging or lowered the hero's statistics so he didn't have as much health. But, I won't bother continuously faulting this as I really did enjoy this adventurous game.

Overall, I gave this game a 8.5. I was going towards a 9.0, however there's some games that I've enjoyed slightly more than this game, but only slightly. But this game is super and i would recommend this to anyone, i would also play this game again another time.