Oh dear........

User Rating: 6 | Fable II Pub Games X360
I'd just like to point out before I start, that I have played a LOT of computer games in my time, and I'm generally quite an open-minded person.

I paid for this game. I wish I hadn't. To be fair, had I still had a fair bit to do in Fable II, I probably would have enjoyed this a little more, but as it stands, its a bit rubbish. No, actually- tedious is the perfect word to describe it.

3 game types are available (which are all also available in Fable II itself) plus tournament versions of the same games. As you mash the A button repeatedly in 2 out of the three games, you begin to wonder if you will ever manage to gain anything to transfer over to your Fable character. I played Fortune's tower for 10 mins, which is a sort of lets-see-how-greedy-you-are game and I was nearly 2 grand down. Luckily, I have 5 mil gold as I played as my Fable character, but once again, it kind of sucks the joy out of it.

Spinnerbox is pointless so please ignore it at all costs.

That leaves Keystone, which is good(ish) fun, especially if you have a bit of a gambling head on you. But you still get bored eventually. Again lots of versions to unlock but all the same, same, same, just with higher betting and borrowing facilities.

If you are planning on using this game for Boosting, don't bother either the achievements are a bit brutal.

Positives - catchy gypsy-type music
nice unlockable concept art
Good for a 10 min go before you meet your mates at the pub

Negatives - Repetitive strain injury from A-button bashing
Poor balance between luck and skill
No real monetary benefit for Fable 2
Limited gameplay
Spinnerbox VERY frustrating!