A fun experiance with great add-on with you have Fable 2.

User Rating: 8 | Fable II Pub Games X360
Alone this game is not mutch. There are 3 different pub games that have many varients that you play to earn money and rank up in your ratings. There are also achievements, leaderboards, and the addictive tourenmants. Alone its an ok game that will have its fun times but can be slightly boring. But if you have Fable 2 is a whole different story. I myself have Fable 2, and found this game mutch more fun with the game. If you have Fable 2 you can select one of your account and play as that character in Pub Games. All of the money you earn will be converted to your Fable 2 game along with new items, weapons, clothes, and other stuff to also add to your Fable 2 character. The add on items are cool and make your overall Fable 2 experiance better. It can be fun by itself, but there is no reason to get it if you dont have Fable 2. The game works fine and there are no glitches. The game types are fun, and will make you use your luck and mind. For 800 points its a pretty good buy, but make sure its a good buy for you. If you like casino style game or pub style games and dont care about depth, then sure, its a good game. If you have Fable 2, make sure you get this. It makes your Fable 2 experiance so mutch better and can add about 10 hours on its own, along with 6-7 hours of Fable 2.