Your king of review feels empty and pissed off after playing pub games.

User Rating: 1 | Fable II Pub Games X360
alright so here we go as we embark on our adventure down crappy memory lane of this. Now I truly feel bad for people that downloaded and payed for this game. Cause if so then they wasted there hard earned money and I understand if they feel pissed off about it also. Anyways I reserved my collectors edition of fable 2 so I recieved this downloadable code for the fable 2 pub games. I was so excited when I first recieved it. I almost felt special cause I got it for free. Even though got is not a word just bare with me okay.

Sometimes when something is free. Its still not worth it. I felt completely ripped off and pissed off after I tried this piece of garbage out. Here is the gist of the game. There are three different gambling modes. Tower of cards mode, witch is like an automatic setup for failure in the first place because its all rigged for you to lose a lot then win big then lose more. Then there is a mode call keystone mode witch is like the real card game where you lay your chips down and then roll the dice. Then lastly is a game mode called spinner box witch is the stupidest of them all. Good luck trying to win big on that piece of garbage. Now remember my review does not apply to everyone as this is just my opinion of what this garbage is. I congratulate those very few people that actually did good with this. I personally am not good at the in game pub games and therefor did not like it.