F355 Challenge: Passione Rossa Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Clean Pause

    Pause the game by pressing START, then press and hold (X) + (Y). You must hold down the buttons to keep the screen clear.

    Contributed by: NTsui 

  2. Mode Link

    To have the Link Mode in the US or EUR version of F355 Challenge, maintain the ''X+Y'' button in the menu.

    Contributed by: Zou 

  3. Unlock Link Versus Play

    To unlock link versus play in the english version of the game, hold L + R at the options screen and it will be selectable.

    Contributed by: Fatal Zapper 

  4. Alternate way to unlock Link Play

    Another way to unlock Versus Link Play, is to press and hold L and R on the steering wheel.
    Note: You need another TV, another Dreamcast, another copy of F355 Challenge and a link up lead to play Versus Link mode.

    Contributed by: Fatal Zapper 

  5. Track codes for F355 Challenge

    To bring up the Password menu,press X+Y at the Options screen,then enter the codes for the relevent track

    Effect Effect

    Contributed by: Contra 

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