If you are dying to own a F1 game you might consider this as your worst case scenario (i.e. Dreamcast is all you've got)

User Rating: 5 | F1 World Grand Prix DC
There are about as many Formula 1 racing games as there are football games. They are seriously a dime a dozen and all of them are almost exactly like the next. I'll give praise where praise is due by stating that F1 World Grand Prix on the Dreamcast has better graphics than most F1 games of its time and offers a large amount of specific specification options for your dream race. This game makes it possible to experience an ultra-realistic simulation of the 1998 Formula 1 season or enjoy a casual quick race. There are many specific setting designed for beginners such as auto assisted braking and acceleration which makes turns easier but gives you less control. There is no soundtrack to speak of and the sound design is mediocre at best but I was impressed with the graphics. Perhaps the most inexcusable flaw of the game is the incomplete driver roster. You can still choose all the cars but some people are replaced by "driver." Ultimately if you've played one F1 game you've played them all but if you only own a Dreamcast and are interested in Formula 1 stock cars than this game is a safe bet. Though you'd probably have more fun just watching the Speed Chanel.