Just not fun to play.

User Rating: 5 | F1 Race Stars PS3
The cart racer is a very common sub-genre of video game at the moment, especially for established franchises with many available characters to pilot the vehicles. F1 Race Stars is not a serious Formula 1 racing game, but it does feature all of the proper licences, real life drivers, and advertising. It's a shame then that the game really isn't up to much.

I am so sick of racing games where the AI drivers are able to flawlessly navigate the courses regardless of difficulty. There are corners in this game which require you to pretty much come to a complete stop in order to get around them, but the other drivers can breeze around as if it's no problem...and there isn't even any drifting in this game. I am also sick of driving games that have your vehicle slow down to almost zero just because you ever-so-slightly touch the grass verge. As if that would happen in real life! The usual amount of power-ups and traps/weapons against other drivers are available in this game, as well as the boost pads on the ground. Now...about these boost pads. Most of them stretch around corners, and you activate them by hitting accelerate three times in a row. What can you NOT do when going around a corner? That's right...you can't accelerate. Which means you'll just crash into the rail guard and slow down while the rest of the drivers overtake you. The game just doesn't allow you to win. Who the hell thought that this was good programming? I understand that video games, sports games in particular, have to be challenging, but this is just sadism!

I'm annoyed that Ferrari license their elite brand name to games like this (which would be nothing but shovelware without the official brand names) when they should instead allow the release of the arcade originals of Outrun and Turbo Outrun to home consoles. I managed to unlock 24% of trophies for this game. There are 65 in total, 15 of which are from DLC. There is no way I'm sticking with it long enough to win more.

Graphics B
Sound B
Gameplay C
Lasting Appeal C