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Does anybody know when the game review is going to be up on the Gamespot website? I'm still on the edge about buying this game and I would like to know if it will be worth it. Thanks in advance!

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I would imagine we'll get a review Tuesday/Wednesday next week.

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Saying that, Gamesmaster magazine has given in 88% "The Champion Mode challenges and arcade-y Season Challenge (ten five-lap rounds against a rival of your choosing) offer instant-thrill action, but the Career is mode is long and uncompromisingly tough," says the review. It goes on to say that "mastering F1 2012 takes time" since "parts must be tested and earned, practice and qualifying sessions must be completed, goals met and, of course, races trounced" before describing it as the "punishing Dark Souls of the racing world."
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do u have f1 2011 already? if so id say DO NOT get this one and if u dont then go grab that one its twice as good and as of now half the price, 2012 has VERY arcadish feel to it over 2011, the rain compared to 2011 is garbage, they dont even have a proper racing line come in (if u watch f1 near the end of the race most of the track is covered in shed rubber makin it slippery) in 2011 this was done proper, by the closing laps of the race u had to be VERY brave and carful to overtake off line (just as u see in real life sometimes at the end of the race the car behind is faster but wont pass simply because they cant) also you can stomp the gas anytime after 20mph and u wont get anymore wheel spin, the AI is also very bad (not dirty) jus dumb they brake about 75-100 feet earlier then they should for every corner, the graphics were also downgraded, people say they are on a better graphics engine but people are dumb and liars, u can put them side by side and see how choppy and blurry 2012 is compared to '11, its also much too easy, with a torro rosso i won the pole n race in melbourne, personally im waiting for codemasters to lose this contract and hopefully someone with real knowledge of f1 can do this game, i mean really we got the people who make grid n dirt making f1....thats where the problem is.

p.s i use logitech g27 and playseat to play, i play with no assists n on the hardest, i can play with the controller too almost the same cept im about 0.5 secs a lap slower plus its alot less fun

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Steve is a tool or deafblindness... even though I agree Codemasters are NOT F1 masters, F1 2012's graphics, sound and gameplay is much better than 2011, it's not even close, he needs to change his PC probably.

See for yourself...