My Monaco race sums up the issues with this game with a nice red bow

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First off, the FLYLING LAP needs to be fixed. You are on AUTO until about a foot before you hit the swimming pool complex. So you get control and BANG into the wall. Unless you slam on the brakes.

The weather in this game is NuTz!!!. Here is a rundown of my crew guy on the radio

1. The rain will be like this for 5 mins

2. The rain is getting much better, look for a dryline

3. The rain is going to get much worse soon.

Bear in mind.....THIS WHOLE EXCHANGE HAPPENED DURING ONE LAP!!!!!! ARRRRRGH!. The person who did the weather system for this game needs to cut down on the meth, really. I started the race on inters (39 lap race, 50% of full). About lap 10 or so the track started to dry nicely, came in for Options. Rain them from about Lap 10 to Lap 24 or so, when it started raining. came in for inters. Stayed on inters as my crew dork was trying to figure out how to read a radar. Checked the RACE DIRECTOR screen a few times and at first most were on INTERS. I stayed out in 1st (had the pole, lost it to Web after the first pitstop) so I was in 2nd.

This is when the wheels came off. I started to ignore the radio since it was clear the guy was nuts. There was an equal chance of the rain doing something. And I think its tied to what tyres the players has on his car at the time. I stayed out on INTERS, so of course it started to downpour. Got to about 4 laps left and got sideways, all the cars behind be plowed into me. After all was said and done I had about 10 pents. Still mangaged to finish 10th somehow. But I just know that if I had come in for wets then BOOM track would dry and no time. They really need to fix this crap.

The weather system seems to be tied to what tyres you DONT have on at the time. If you drys, its gonna rain, if you have wets it stops raining, if you have inters it rains harder if you wets it rains less. Seems like the last 10 laps every time I came by the pits there was a whole gaggle of cars in the pits. Think the only thing that saved me was a lot of the front runners kept getting their nose knock off when they would try to pass (at a bad spot)

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This game is full of bugs ! I hate Codemasters now ! This afternoon I played on Spain in my career with a 50% race. 5 laps before my pitstop the crew guy on the radio told me it's raining when the sky was blue with no clouds, and he told me that on every lap until my pitstop. My crew put the prime tires on my car and at the pit lane exit (where the green/red light is) my sky changed immediately, with grey cloud and heavy rain !! WTF !? But the worst (or the best ?) was that every driver, included me, was on prime or option tires and we could drive without problems like it was not raining. After 2 laps I decided to use my flash back to see if it changes something, and yes ! After the flashback it was still raining but this time we could not drive, it was slippery, and the drivers before me did a spin and crashes fiesta. I turned off my PS3 and put the game on ebay. F1 2010 was good, 2011 was full of bugs and ugly and this one is full full full of annoying bugs and penalties... Don't waste your money for this game.