F1 2012 seems to be the best of the lot - First impression

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I have been driving all the 3 versions so far and 2012 definetly seems much better in driving physics, sound, music, menus..they have put in some extra things from last yr which I liked...young driver test is nice but the best seems to be the "chamions mode" where we have to beat the 6 champs one by one..cant wait to get to the ultimate challenge!!

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Id do some "rain races" before I call it the best. The weather system is broken and makes any sort of tire strag impossible . You cant antisipate the rain. It just BOOM comes. No warning from the clouds or anything. Heck you can get a monsoon from a sunny sky. Very bad and its sad that they broke a system that worked very well in the past.

the weather system was perfect in the last 2 games, there was LOGIC in it. You could see the sky getting dark in a certian direction, the rain would start there and spread. Now its just dry BOOM wet BOOM dry BOOM wet. No logic.

Id give it a 5 or a 6 at this point.