One of the best racers ever to grace a console!

User Rating: 9.2 | F-Zero SNES
This is truly one of the best games I own! Not kidding! Seriously I'm so happy my dad randomly went and bought this game! OK well onto the review... There isn't really any story just you can play with 4 race cars (Let me note this is a futuristic racing game!!) all woth there own strengths and weaknesses. The car I reccomned is the Blue Falcon. This is the most balanced car in the game. There is also trhe Wild Goose... and er... I forget. Well sure there isn't a huge variety of cars, but there is plenty of tracks!!! There are tons of different tracks like Mute City, (Yeah, this is were it originated) Big Blue, and tons of others. Well your car has a certain amount of health so if you give it a beating expect it to explode. There are also jumps that you can hit to get an advantage in a fast-paced race! Just remeber, DON'T go flying into the glowie electronic water stuff outside of the track or your gonna die.... In a big, satifying BOOM! Make sure you don't drive into the bumpers or your going to recive alot of damage. Don't worry though. If you have recived alot of damage, get into the healing pad quick! It can be a life-saver! If only they could have fit in Multiplayer... There is also time-attack which is awesome it will make your family get very competetive!

This game pushes the SNES to the limit! It truly shows how powerful it was back in the day! The cars look awesome! So do the tracks and the weird, watery, electric, snaky water stuff, too! Well there isn't much else to say about the graphics except that there AWESOME!!!! Some of the best on the SNES!

This game is also very well-known for it's great sound. With it's fast paced sound-track, the Bufffrfrffffrfrf of the cars going 999 kilometers per hour, speeding down the track at the speed of sound. The sound also very-well pushed the sound of the SNES to the limit. Arguably one of the best things of the game hands down.

Over-all this game has some high replay value. Seriously this game is very addicting and very fun for the whole family. It's a very good idea to bring this game to family gatherings or certain holidays like Thanksgiving. My whole family wanted a try of this over-all family friendly, addicting, futuristic, fast-paced racing machine!!!!!!