In with the old out with the new

User Rating: 8.9 | F-Zero SNES
This game is so fun to play and very original. OMG!! This game is very entertaining and very oringinal. I haven't had this much fun since I played super smash brothers on the N64. This game has the same sounds that sound very good. I also think the controls are very good and easy to use on the remote. I think many people should get this game not only because its good but because its very original and also because it is very entertaining and fun to play.jhbhb xzv vv sdv dv z vcx vcv xc v xvxvefe kb ut gvu vg vhj gjh bh hbhj bj hbj bjh bjh bjh bjh b jb hb jh bj bjh bj hb jhb jh b bjh b jb jhb jh bj b hjb hjb b jb vhb b jb jvfvb.