Well I’m sure the following comment may not agree with everyone, but anyway: F-Zero is the best racing ga

User Rating: 8.6 | F-Zero SNES
As far as today’s racing game standards go, this game is pretty light in content. There are 15 tracks, 4 vehicles and only two game modes – Grand Prix and Time Trial. So yeah, there isn’t a multiplayer, which is comparable to heresy in this day and age, but given the games technical achievements back in 1991, it’s understandable.

But that doesn’t matter, because there is something strangely absorbing about the racing. Granted, the AI isn’t hugely impressive - only 3 of your opponents race you, the rest of the faceless drones are just evenly spaced amongst the track. Still, the handling is terrific, and coupled with the brilliant track design, it’s what makes this game an instant classic. It’s fast paced and you can rocket about the tracks at impressive speeds whilst performing slalom manoeuvres through the various twists and turns. The crafts feel right, and although collision physics with opponents may be questionable, you never seem to end up last with out a chance of gaining a final position. Well, not unless you’re really bad at it.

With all this in mind, it’s fair to say that the Time Trial is what will keep you coming back. The impeccable handling and perfectionist nature of the tracks mean you’ll always find new ways to shave milliseconds off your lap times. If developers do ever end up releasing updates for the Virtual Console remains to be seen, but online leader boards for lap and course times would be as good an addition as online or even split-screen multiplayer.

This along with Sonic the Hedgehog gets my vote for the release day games of choice for the Virtual Console, and it’s as ‘pure’ a racing game as you’ll ever play I’m sure.