Revolutionary:it paved the way for series like Mario Kart & Wipeout which eventualy became more popular

User Rating: 8 | F-Zero SNES
F-Zero is almost 2 decades old & it still looks amazing, it has aged quite well.It's a futuristic racing game that inspired later series like Mario Kart on the same console & Wipeout on the PS1 which eventually perfected the existing formula & made it better than ever in the 3rd dimension.F-Zero was one of the launch titles of the SNES & it was for the first time when the gamers had their first glimpse over the revolutionary Mode 7 Graphics which were mind-blowing in 1991, just like Terminator 2.But sometimes you feel like the car is standing still & only the track is moving it becomes hilarious if you concentrate enough.The music is great & when i hear the Mute City theme i immediately associate it with the launch of the console, when it was fresh on the market in the 16-bit era, probably the best era in video-game history.
It has 3 difficulties, 4 cars to choose from & 3 leagues:Knight, Queen & King, each with 5 races.During a race, if you hit the walls you receive damage & power drains so there are purple patches to cross over to charge up.After each completed lap you receive a speed booster that increases the speed with 100+ km/h.Your car explodes if your energy is completely drained or if you get out of the track by jumping over ramps.There are also zones with magnets in later races that attract your car & damage it.The game is not so hard if you practice enough but after a while it gets boring.Overall the original F-Zero is worth playing all things considered.