First game that gave me eye sores, one of the best racing games on SNES.

User Rating: 8.5 | F-Zero SNES
Played this game like a madman when it came out. My eyes hurt after probably hours without blinking or something. Played it recently and still stands the test of time. Great concept at the time and controls were awesome. You can choose the style of driving you wanted (well, you get to choose out of 4 different hover vehicles, each with different attributes).Great use of Mode 7 graphics incorporated in this game. First tracks are easy to finish in first, but as you move on the tracks get more challenging. Great graphics and the action is fast. Well made selection of tracks and obstacles that keep you on your toes while playing. Music is good and love the concept of those lanes where you can refill your health. Not easy to control while you press down while jumping (makes you go faster while jumping, but turning is not easy, especially if you overdo it or change direction while jumping). Great racing game, one of the best on SNES.