Without F-Zero' one of the best known gamecube games(F-Zero GX) would never exist.

User Rating: 9.4 | F-Zero SNES
F-Zero is first game in the series of F-Zero of course. This game started F-Zero GX' and this game was very fun for when I used to own it. It is strange to think that the start of my favorite game' was made in 1991.

Just like F-Zero GX' F-Zero is an awesome game. There are only 4 machines in this game(F-Zero GX has 41) but no characters in a storyline. I gave the tilt good because I am an F-Zero fan. While piloting your machine' you will take high jumps' go fast speeds' and ride through some really cool designed levels. The sound is definitely a good. The game is very addictive but nothing much to unlock in this F-Zero game so I will give it an 8. Graphics are awesome for it being an old game.
Well let me sum it up for you.

Gameplay: Fun and fast driving through complex courses.
Graphics: Perfect for its time and great designing.
Sound: Definitely worth giving a high rating. Matching music' explosions' and overall coll sound effects.
Value: Highly addictive but not that there is like a great amount to unlock.
Tilt: F-Zero is something to enjoy because of the storyline it starts leading too in its other games to the series.