F-Zero: GP Legend Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. The Demos

    When at the main screen (the screen where the F-Zero Logo appears), press R shoulder buttons to watch the in game demos.

    Contributed by: WhizKid_ 

  2. Easy Gold Cup on Zero Test Class B Test 04

    WARNING: Do NOT attempt this glitch if you have already attainted a gold cup on this test. This glitch will reset your best time to 16''00.

    There is a nasty (or helpful, depending on your perspective of view) bug in Zero Test Class B Test 04 that will allow anyone to instantly get a Gold Cup. When you hit the jump plate, turn LEFT and land on the piece of land that has a green recovery zone (basically you jump and return to the starting point).

    Now continue driving for a while, the game should congratulate you on getting the first place instead of letting the timer go on until you hit the finish line. Also, your time on the screen will be set to 0'00''00.

    When you return to the screen where you can select different tests, you will be awarded a Gold Cup, but your time is reset to 16''00.

    Contributed by: WhizKid_ 

  3. Zero test class B test 02 Glitch

    When you start there is a jump at front of you, take it and turn left hard to cut the loop and then if you turned hard enough(bit over 90 degrees left) you should land where the recovery zone(the green zone) ends, now take the jump that should be in front of you, (if you did everything as it should be done) and land a bit before the finish line, (dont jump over it because it screws the trick) you know if it worked if you cross finish line and nothing happens, keep driving and you finish in somewhere right part of track. This is much like the glitch in class B test 04 this also resets your best time to a different time: 11,50 and gets you the gold cup

    Contributed by: LegendOfFZero 

  4. Unlockable Machines

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Jack, Jody, Zoda, Black Shadow and Lisa Brilliant\'s respective stories Astro Robin, White Cat, Death Anchor, Black Bull and Panzer Emerald
    Clear the Novice/Silver Cup Big Fang
    Clear the Expert/Platinum Cup Blood Hawk
    Clear the Standard/Platinum Cup Crazy Bear
    Clear the Novice/GoldCup Deep Claw
    Clear Rick Wheeler's Story Elegance Liberty
    Max out Rick, Falcon, Zoda, Goroh, Lisa and Black Shadow\'s money (2,550,000 is the maximum) Great Star, Twin Noritta, Hyper Speeder, Queen Meteor, Little Wyvern, King Meteor
    Clear the Standard/Gold Cup Green Panther
    Clear the Standard/Bronze Cup Iron Tiger
    Clear S-Class in the Zero Test Mad Wolf
    Clear the Novice/Platinum Cup Mighty Hurricane
    Clear the Expert/Bronze Cup Mighty Typhoon
    Clear C-Class in the Zero Test Moon Shadow
    Clear B-Class in the Zero Test Night Thunder
    Clear the Expert/Gold Cup Red Gazelle
    Clear A-Class in the Zero Test Sonic Phantom
    Clear the Novice/Bronze Cup Space Angler
    Clear the Expert/Silver Cup Super Piranha
    Clear the Standard/Silver Cup Wild Boar
    Clear all of Story Mode Wonder Wasp

    Contributed by: Spark Moon 

  5. Misc. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Samurai Goroh's #4 Story Mode or Beat Rick Wheeler's, Captain Falcon's and Lisa Brilliant's Complete Story Modes Black Shadow's Story Mode
    Beat Rick Wheeler's #2 Story Mode Captain Falcon's Story Mode
    Beat Falcon's 4th stage after beating his Story Mode Captain Falcon's X Stage
    Beat Story Mode with Rick Wheeler or Captain Falcon Elegance Liberty
    Beat Rick Wheeler's #3 Story Mode Jack Levin's Story Mode
    Beat Rick Wheeler's #4 or Jack Levin's #3 Story Mode Jody Summer's Story Mode
    Beat Samurai Goroh's #2 or Zoda's #3 Story Mode Lisa Brilliant's Story Mode
    Beat all three cups in Novice and Standard. Platinum Cup
    Have under $1,000,000,000 after completing his 4th stage Rich Wheeler's X Stage
    Beat Captain Falcon's #3 Story Mode Samurai Goroh's Story Mode
    Beat at Least One Grand Prix Course in Any Cup Circuit on Any Difficulty Time Attack and Training
    Beat All Zero Test B-Class Tests With at Least a Bronze Cup Rank Zero Test, A-Class
    Beat All Zero Test C-Class Tests With at Least a Bronze Cup Rank Zero Test, B-Class
    Beat Any Grand Prix Cup Circuit on Any Difficulty at Least Once Zero Test, C-Class
    Beat All Zero Test A-Class Tests With at Least a Bronze Cup Rank Zero Test, S-Class
    Beat Captain Falcon's #2 Story Mode Zoda's Story Mode

    Contributed by: Joseph Collins, ShadowEd567, The Madman 13h 

  6. Hidden Tracks

    There are 2 ''hidden'' tracks in the game, and unlocking thme is all up to chance.

    Play Gold Cup on Standard difficulty in Grand Prix mode, when you you reach the last race (race #5), you have a chance of getting either an Illusion track or a Red Canyon track, with the latter appearing more frequently. Play through Grand Prix a few times and you will acquire both tracks.

    Likewise, play Gold Cup on Expert difficulty in Grand Prix mode a few times and you should acquire the version II (more difficult version) of both tracks.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Play through Gold Cup on Expert Difficulty in Grand Prix mode a few times Illusion II or Red Canyon II track
    Play through Gold Cup on Standard Difficulty in Grand Prix mode a few times Illusion or Red Canyon track

    Contributed by: WhizKid_ 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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