Intense and satisfying fire fights make this a game worth buying.

User Rating: 9.4 | F.E.A.R. PC
Forget about the creepy little girl. The action is what makes F.E.A.R. special, and it is obvious that developers Monolith spent a great deal of time making sure that shooting a guy in the face feels more satisfying than I let my psychiatrist know about.

The AI is what makes F.E.A.R. stand above all other recent first person shooters. The enemy do things that put other first person shooters to shame. Just try the old trick of luring an enemy around a corner into the barrel of your shotgun. They know that trick, these guys aren't stupid. They'll just throw a grenade around the corner. If they need some cover, they pull over a chair, a table, or what ever else is available.

The solders know the level design and they will exploit it at any opportunity, they will jump through windows, clear desks to get a better line of fire. One soldier may force you in to a corner while another flanks you and finishes you off. Yes, that's right; the enemy soldiers actually work together and they do it very well. You will never fight one soldier at a time; you fight whole squads at a time. The soldiers are in constant communication with each other, never giving too much information away, but just enough to give you an idea of what they're up to. *Quick Save* "He's over there!" *Bang* *Bang* Bang* *BOOOOOOM!* "He's wiped out the whole squad! We need reinforcements. Aaaaaah!" *Quick Load*

Each fire fight is made all the more dramatic as bullets rip holes through walls, shatter windows, and tear apart boxes spreading debris, clouds of smoke and dust through the air. In an average fire fight, you will literally see hundreds of particles fill the screen.

With the inclusion of melee combat, with moves such as slide kicks, scissor kicks and round house kicks, and to top it off, a very useful reflex time (Bullet Time) F.E.A.R.'s combat becomes something very special.

While some have complained that the combat can become repetitive, I would have to disagree. Because of the dynamic direction which fire fights can go, each encounter with a squad never feels the same. The action is broken up by the horror aspects and some simple puzzles. With the inclusion of a few big tough robot enemies, some Sam Fisher-like assassin enemies, the combat never gets too repetitive.

The only complaint I have, is that it is very rare that you see a friendly face. If you do, they are ether killed off very quickly, or they appear just after an intense fire fight, and send you off ahead.

Overall, F.E.A.R. is a game that all other FPS games will be compared to in years to come. It's a game that all FPS fans will enjoy and play over and over again.