not UGLY at all...

User Rating: 9.6 | F.E.A.R. PS3
Not even half as bad as some reviews are making it...not ugly at all...

As a matter of fact, i even think its better looking here than i remembered when i first played it on the 360...if not better its the same at worst...i don't less this game didn't hang or freeze as i've played it straight 4hrs. The sad thing is..the blood effect is just the same as the 360 version also.
NO BETTER NO WORST imo....if you've watched the ign video review and think it look alright, play it on ur own hd tv (hdmi output) it will even look better than the vid...and if u have a good sound system to play the game with, you're even in a bigger treat.

The words, "WORST LOOKING THAN THE 360 VERSION by far", and
is just a really not fair statement for this ps3 version and a 360 fanboy statement in mind imo.

The sound is really good in this game...crystal clear audio effects....from left to right to far...the audio and sound effect is the best thing, blessed its on the blu-ray ps3 disc, true uncompressed audio in effect.

Loading in the other hand is not as quick as the 360 version..but ps3 loading time is around 30sec.. i'd say...i didn't use a time watch, but am sure it can't be 1min as some has made up. At the very less the death RETRY loading is lighting fast.

GAMEPLAY / VALUE - Highlighs
F.E.A.R. is the most intense action impacted shooter i've ever played.
F.E.A.R. has the best shoot-outs in any fps by a long shoot..
physics, rag-doll, smoke, sparks, and "booming" gun firing sound makes a real true shooter.