F.E.A.R Review

User Rating: 7.1 | F.E.A.R. PS3
A hard game to review being an old port of the pc classic.
From the moment you play this game its easy to recognise this game was developed for the pc in mind.
Having played the original pc version, not much has changed bar some new multiplayer maps, a new weapon and a new level.

The graphics are similar to splinter cell actually. They are sharp and most of the time very repetetive throughout but the lighting can be excellent with special effects along the way. Outdated today though but as you would expect being a remake, however does not bring the ps3's capabilities to justice.

The gameplay is your typical 1st person shooter but with bullet time which is also out of todate and has been used many times before, but this works a treat in the style of max payne. Enaballing this mode you can take precission aiming and with more given time carefully pick off multiple targets at once. With this comes some neat touches all round such as the sound which will also go into bullet time, also decapatating of enemies looks fantastic in slow motion with full blood that spills out on walls and floors etc.

The sound is very clear but at times has a very slighly delayed reaction with the actions performed, mainly by the guns themselfs, plenty of variety in the weapons letting you carry up to 3 weapons at a time and also different types of grenades. Theres the usual familiar weapons and also a few extra special.

The games pace is carried well with your reflexes and actions becoming more powerful througout but without you noticing that much as the enemies get tougher as well which is well balanced overall.

The game is a lenghy one for this type of game and although repetetive is enjoyable as the F.E.A.R side of the story grabs your attention to your otherwise standard 1st person shoooter. Whilst next to no cutscenes the story is displayed though gameplay with visual effects throughout. Plenty of blood and gore and mystery on goings keeps you playing right until the end which is a slight dissapointment being too easy and not much shooting involved but more to the freaky story.

An easy game on normal difficulty by my standards and another good 1st person shooter for the PS3 if an old one at heart.