This game is very clunky and feels very cheap. The only good aspect of this game is the enemy AI

User Rating: 4 | F.E.A.R. X360
I picked up FEAR when I needed to buy a third game for a sale at my local gamestop because I had heard good things from GameSpot and friends. The first thing you'll notice is the running animation. It might be the worst I have ever seen. You bounce uncontrollably no matter what speed you are travelling and that really takes away from the immersion. Not to mention when you move left and right, you slide all around. This gets very frustrating during the more challenging sections of the game. And there are more than a few. Another downside to this game is the shooting. You really have to preserve ammunition in this game as it is very scarce throughout the levels, which is made all the more difficult when your gun fires six rounds every time you tap the trigger.

One of the things this game does really well is enemy AI. They will flank you by running throughout buildings and then light you up on a regular basis so get used to it. Another positive is the story and mood of the game. I see where they were going with the horror elements and it was really the only thing that kept me playing for as long as I did. But in all honesty, that wasn't very long.

The cheap feeling of the movements and gunfire combined with the extreme difficulty make this game a pass for me. Spend your money elsewhere.