This game is good and has good ideas. Playing now just shows its age

User Rating: 8.5 | F.E.A.R. X360
Fear is a game that gets the atmosphere, creepiness, and shooting down right. Everything else is almost an afterthought.

STORY: Fear starts out as a new grunt joining Fear. First Encounter Assualt Recon. You head after a man named Fettel who has gained a psychic link with a group of clones and taken over a big corporate building. The story drags you along and you can find tidbits in the world on laptops. The games story really ramps up at the end and finishes with a grand finale.

GAMEPLAY: This is an FPS. Then End. The game plays like the computer shooter it is. Armor, and Health bars, a variety of weapons, and also there is one difference that separates it from other games. You have the ability to slow down time and shoot the crap out of dudes. It's a neat feature that makes it interesting.

PRESENTATION: The game looks ok. I know its old, thats why I say ok. Even though time has passed it still looks pretty good. Eriee tones hitting when a creepy event is about to happen. The game has a decent presentation.

If you looking for a game thats different and combines FPS action with scary elements, then pick this up. Price I've found that was the cheapest was 10 bucks at gamestop. Sorry I never got to look at the Multiplayer, because I couldn't get into matches, because not many in no people are online.