Whats your FEAR?

User Rating: 9.6 | F.E.A.R. PC
Should you get F.E.A.R Director's edition? The DVD Version saves you the trouble of getting 5 discs when you should just get 1. Why should I get F.E.A.R you ask?

Well for one: The game play isn't all about KILL KILL KILL ! It's about laying out tactics choosing what weapons are best for the situation since you're limited to hold 3 weapons. In Quake 4 you're a walking armory, in F.E.A.R choose wisely.

The game play in F.E.A.R. has you finding the switches sometimes, kill some people, and a little sniping here and there, survive creepy flashbacks, but what makes the gameplay so good is the balance of Guns they put in there. For example, would you use a pistol for sniping? No! You use it to close to medium range. So learn the weapons and figure out what they can do. The slo-mo will amaze you. I threw all my grenades in slo-mo just to see their pretty explosions at one time. Slo-mo can help you out at some of the game's toughest choke-points.

There really isn't much in enemy variety though. Just normal troopers. Big Armored guys with shoulder pads. And a Few ED209 look a likes. Also the story is just great. It has lots of twists. And some excellent scripted moments. I thought they couldn't be any better. The sound is fantastic. When you're in slo-mo and shoot someone, listen carefully. You'll hear the bullet hit contact on the body. Gruesome. The voice acting was really good.

Anyways about the AI. It's challenging which is good. They yell at their team mates about your movements and if they call for reinforcements it means you're doing a good job. I think it was the smartest AI I have ever encounter in a game, the AI will work as a team and try to flank you and also scar you out of position.

And now one of the most impressive parts of the game...the graphics. Graphics are just amazing. So much detail !You could swear that the keys on the keyboard are in 3d because they are. The multiplayer however is.....so-so. It's ok but you know,it's average. You have average multiplayer modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag etc. So this is why you buy the F.E.A.R DVD edition. You get all the Scariness with an ace storyline and ending, that's new and original. Well hardcore FPS gamers, I highly recommend F.E.A.R. its suspenseful, scary, fun and best of all, original.

Easily the Best Game of 2005. Also the very Best Game I've played on the PC to date.