If you don't know F.E.A.R, this game will put the F.E.A.R in you.

User Rating: 9 | F.E.A.R. X360

First Encounter Assault Recon
Publisher's: Vivendi Games & Sierra games
Developer: Day 1 Studio's
Platform : Xbox 360
Rated: Mature
Released: October 31, 2006

The visuals for F.E.A.R are a little dated but are still good despite this review is a late review, but lets just say this is more of an updated review on this game's visual's and I got to say it may be one of the best looking games I have seen that is a old game and I was surprised to see that their were no frame rate issues at all and that is a good thing, where I seen some frame rate issue in some older games and along with some new games. Their is not much to say about the visuals that they are able to stand the test of time, except in the visuals in the Multi-player which their is some frame rate issues in the MP but they are minor.

Now the audio for F.E.A.R is good but not great when come's to the sounds of the weapons are amazing and great to hear with absolutely no problem's and I di love the sounds of all the weapons, but I did not love the sound quality to the voice acting cause it was a little low quality but that is the only problem I basically had with the game and the sound is still good from a game from 2006.

The game-play for F.E.A.R has a good feel to it despite it to be a game from 2006 and the control's do work well for the game and are fun, I found that they easy to learn and master which is a great thing, and the one thing I really like in F.E.A.R is I really liked the duel wielding of the weapon's work's well in game like F.E.A.R. The story for F.E.A.R is great and it is creepy as hell but it make's fun and worth playing.

Ok my review for F.E.A.R is an updated one, so basically this game was released in 2006 so their is hardly anyone playing this game on-line any more and if their is still is a strong community for this game then they are only playing private match's only or something. So basically I'm saying if you like your MP it's going to be hard to find a decent match.

This game is great I love it and had fun with it you will enjoy it and I do recommend it for the campaign, but like I said it the MP portion of my review their is hardly any on playing this game on-line so basically if and when you pick this game up you can check out the MP for your self, but it is a pass, but the campaign is where this game shine's

9 out of 10