F.E.A.R. is great shooter with lots of horror action.

User Rating: 9 | F.E.A.R. PC
PHYSICS: 13/15
SOUND: 10/10
MAPS: 9/10
AI: 5/5
STORY: 4/5
GORE: 5/5 (I have to give it higher but my scoreboard doesn't allow that)
COST: 5/5

SCORE: 91/100

F.E.A.R. or First Encounter Assault Recon is an amazing shooter with realistic physics, amazing graphics, great sound, nice gaming area, great weapons, challenging AI and gore that will haunt your nightmares. I can guarantee that you will jump of your chair a couple of times while playing this
game. It's a very scary game if not the most scariest.

I just can't find any cons.... but you can see that the frames per second get a lot slower when you get next to a water with lots of reflections.

Should you buy this game? Well if you are around 12 than definitely NO, but if you are around 16 or older you are going to enjoy this game a lot and it's not that expensive so you'll get a lot more than you pay for :)

Minimum System Requirements
- Processor: P4 1.7 GHz
- RAM: 512 MB
- Video Memory: 64 MB
- Only supplied on DVD?: Yes
- Hard Drive Space: 5 GB
- Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/x64
- DirectX Version: 9.0c
Recommended System Requirements
- Processor: P4 3.0 GHz
- RAM: 1 GB
- Video Memory: 256 MB
- Hard Drive Space: 5 GB