This is one heck of a game!(POSSIBLE SPOILERS) this is a reveiw for the 360 version (contains important info)

User Rating: 9.3 | F.E.A.R. X360
I want to talk about recommendation for this game 1st because it highly depends how much you get scared. Not a lot of games scare me, even Resident Evil 4 didn't keep me up at night but FEAR did. It even gave me a few hellish nightmares so I will say this, PLAYER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED. The A-I is my 2nd topic and is the best you will find in the whole gaming univerce. They have acsess to every wepon in the game. Their aim is right on and they comunicate with each other and trie to find cover. They will even run away or charge depending on what kind of wepon you or they have for example..... A guy witth a particle wepon will try to get away from you, find cover and even try to find higher ground at the same time. Guys with shotguns will try to zig-zag between cover to get close to you. So the 3rd thing that I will talk about is the gameplay witch is amazing. This is because of the slow-mo ability you have when you start the game. This makes you think about the lobby scene from The Matrix when a fire-fight breaks out and all the amazing particle efects come to destroy your view of the enemy. The controls feel abit off for the first few minutes but after awile this is not a problem. I don't have alot to say about the graphics but they are some of the best graphical effects seen on the 360(this is based on a regular deffinition tv). The sound isn't much different than awsomeness and cuck norris. Overall this is a great game and I highlly recommend it , with the exeption of the above warning.