Still maintains the flavour of FEAR. That is intense combat infused with spooky events with a few more gadgets/critters

User Rating: 7 | F.E.A.R. Extraction Point PC
Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 8
Sounds: 8
Value: 6
Tilt: 7
Total score: 7.3

When FEAR burst into the FPS scene, the vast population was totally amazed by its John Wo's combat style, slow-mo action, clever AI and naturally Alma yet the environments are a little bland for some people's taste. Of course the writing is on the wall that sequels will emerge to continue the story of the 'Point Man' and to satisfy the quench for more intense action, a year later FEAR Extraction Point ruptured into the scene with more of the same stuff that people like, intense combat infused with that 'shock' factor horror.

Extraction Point starts off where precisely FEAR ends therefore I won't say anything else as naturally it's a major spoiler to those who haven't played FEAR. But of course you cannot play Extraction Point without FEAR installed so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nevertheless, the 'training' modules are still there if you somehow forgot how to control the Point Man to his next extraction point, to another chopper. Seriously, people just don't learn as I recall there were plenty of choppers nuked in the first game so why the Point Man trusts this chopper to haul him to safety is beyond reasoning.

But to heck with reasoning as the primary source of FEAR is to fight ample of bad guys using plenty of high calibre weapons doing high calibre manoeuvres; nothing more, nothing less. With all this in mind will appear more weapons for your disposal; the laser carbine and the minigun make its appearance and some cool new toys like the mini turret where they act like sticky grenades but instead of exploding, they produce a mini turret (pretty obvious). Yet what is good for the goose is good for the gander therefore the replicas will also have these weapons and not afraid to use them.

One of the downfalls to the original FEAR was its bland locations yet Extraction Point has somewhat improved in this part. There's a really excellent Church scene in the beginning of Extraction Point attached with that supernatural approach however again died quickly enough. Yet again the environs improved with that wonderful car park combat sequence and trotting through the hospital complete with a morgue section however just like FEAR, the attention to detail is poor. Also considering it's a year after the release of FEAR, the graphics, even though appears amazing is starting to its age as there are absolutely no improvements other than introducing more critters. This can also be said for the quality of sounds as what you heard from FEAR is the same in Extraction Point.

Being an expansion pack and considering FEAR wasn't really a long game, Extraction Point can be said is half the length of FEAR. There's nothing really wrong about it as it still produced the same intensity however if you are expecting an epic well you have come to the wrong place. However considering you'll spending your time blasting away enemies and listening to Fettel flapping his gums, any longer will be more of a chore than being spooked. Also take note there is an easter egg that's really cool to see as well…

FEAR, Extraction Point still maintained the flavour of what FEAR was well-known for; that is intense combat infused with spooky events. One of the major flak raised from FEAR was the bland locations as it felt like the same ole corridor heading towards the same ole office building. Extraction Point improved somewhat with regards to these otherwise uninspired locations by the way of adding a subway, a church, a hospital complete with a morgue section and a very cool parking lot. Of course there are new toys to tinker and new fiends to knock out however Extraction Point hasn't really made any serious changes to that successful formula of what FEAR was made from; so if you are still into that slow-mo yet intense fire-fight action coupled with Alma and constantly listening to Fettel trash talking, Extraction Point is your cup of tea.