Look out! Cheap scares, scripted spooks, and zero enjoyment to be had from any of it.

User Rating: 7 | F.E.A.R. PC
I remember when F.E.A.R. came out and a group of people that I knew at the time were utterly convince that it was indeed the creepiest and "best" first person shooter they'd ever played. Guys- I have some news for you- this game was aged when it came out, unimpressive, very slow paced, and very much the opposite of scary at times. Believe me, seeing one or two rag-doll physic's bodies flip around in slow motion hasn't been seen... since "Max Payne," and it takes a certain sense of "no creativity whatsoever" to rip off a slow motion mechanic from any game to insert in you're own. Though what truly bothers me is just how bad its aged. Yeah, I bring this up a lot as its never mentioned by most people anymore- Things age you know. As time goes on, certain elements of game play evolve, and it very much obsoletes previous entries within the genre all the time. Thank god for that actually, moving right along- F.E.A.R. might have actually had an original concept somewhere in it, but it was very difficult to find amongst its half-interesting plot and character design which obviously all took cues from more prominent (and better) titles in that niche. The worst thing that came from this mess is indeed the silliest idea to ever grace a first person shooter. The idea that a 10 year girl could have ever been scary to anyone with a brain. Do you know how entertaining it is to essentially be a walking gun, not helpless by any means, and bonded to a point-of-view camera view for an entire game- then to be expected to be scared of anything around you? I'll entertain the idea for a moment that you're not a super soldier with super human reflexes that is able to slow down time and murder other super soldiers with a karate kick. Their is that scarier now? Of course its not, its laughable and ridiculous. Why people told me it was creepy? I don't really know what game they played, but it certainly wasn't the same experience for me. Its like playing the original "Half-Life" and realizing that its not 1998 anymore, games are more interesting for the most part, and nobody enjoys blatant clones of better older games. As for the game play its pretty standard shooter fare. Theirs a few storyline "shocks" if you will, which are usually things that are obvious from the beginning of the game. Its not like "Bioshock's" plot twist, so would you kindly not worry about it if you haven't had a chance to play it yet. Otherwise you regenerate health with health packs, perhaps the best thing about the game, and the weapon design is actually quite good. Its a wide range of normal weapons, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and of course a giant penis extension rail gun that shoots nails the size of a tennis ball into you're foes. I'm not going to bother covering the story, as I mentioned earlier its just not very interesting. Some of the levels are disappointingly recycled or go on too long compared to how small they actually are and it gets very obnoxiously dark at times like you're playing "Doom 3" with a smaller flashlight or something. The actually scripted "FEAR" moments are quite laughable and rare. You never run into anybody interesting and coinciding with the plot most of you're enemies are "clones" so clearly their isn't much enemy variation. The music is alright, but it does tend to go off at points or crescendo when nothing is happening. Which doesn't build tension, but only irks a person itching for the next gun fight. If you're about 15 you'd probably really enjoy this game on you're 360 or you could just cut out the middle man and play the second game. I hear its not really much better, so I'm sure its about on par with the original by now given the first ones age.