The very worst conversion

User Rating: 7 | F.E.A.R. PS3
Time hasn't done F.E.A.R any favours, neither has a shoddy conversion from Day 1 studios. The fact this was a launch game still doesent fully explain the difference in quality.

Painful load times and jagged textures don't create the fear. It would be completely unreasonable to expect this to compete with more recent games, but I certainly thought (at the very least) it would compete with the PC original. The HD makeover gives a very smeared impression. Lighting is fairly moody. The game is set almost exclusively in office environments, Levels are realistic in design, but repetition does set in. This makes it easy to get lost or travel repeatedly in circles.

Combat has always been one of F.E.A.R's stronger aspects. The Slow-Mo feature is shamelessly used, but works exceptionally in a 1st person viewpoint. The Shotgun is also one of the most brutal in any game, tearing bodies apart with ease. Stomach this shoddy conversion, and theres still plenty to enjoy from F.E.A.R. Otherwise, play it on the PC, or even the 360. A flawed classic, but on PS3 its just flawed.