More of the same

User Rating: 7.5 | F.E.A.R. Extraction Point PC
Well, i played this expansion just after finishing the original fear. The developer team had one year to present us something new, something that could keep the pace of the game high, but for my dissapointment it was just more of the same. Not that i would expect/want something marvellous (its just a expansion, not a brand new game), but i really thought they will present us with new level designs and such.
The action of the expansion is high as the original, it has some new weapons (the laser is ubber) and it explains a little bit more of the story envolving the characters of the game. Much of the story needs more info though. The scientists of the origin project freaked up the mind of alma so much that it splited into two personalities (It reminds me of Project Monarch- a US project that was operational in the 60's and beggining of the 70's. It was declared as concluded but many people say that is still going on. They took little girls and boys and tortured them via shocks, rape and other abominations so that the mind was turned into dust. Then they inserted new programable personalities so that they will do as they say)
It is interesting to note how the little girl is the "good" and the older is the "bad". In the end they fuse with each other and lots of things that happened came back to normal. My bet is that it never happened, it was just a terrible vision of alma herself ( walls with tons of blood and such).
The final is LAME. Looks like that trash terror movies. You dont know what happens to the protagonist. If he dies or if he is still alive.
Other thing, ok Alma is a super psyche being, but to empty one big city completely of its inhabitants? Comon.
Gonna play the second fear now. Lets see if the original protagonist can be found alive.
This game is good if you can shut your eyes to some inconclusive points of the story.