Alma will tear your soul appart if you did something wrong.

User Rating: 9 | F.E.A.R. PC
This game is amazing. Great story, nice voice acting. Nice blend of shooting and terror. I installed and finished this game in 2010 and i am still impressed with the good graphics.
In some moments you will regret if you are playing the game late night. lol.
Interesting story of a psych commanding a battalion of heavy armored soldiers. This game has the most freaking weapon to date i encountered in a game. It LITERALLY evaporate all flesh and just leave a pile of charred bones. And when you pull the trigger you hear a disturbing sound followed by a creepy voice of the person being hit and instantly being dead. It has the force of a claymore (used by usa soldiers, the people hit will stop several meters ahead with a big hole in the body).
Well, Alma is a devilish little girl. Take care with her.
Gonna play now the extraction point and then fear2. Its good when you buy and store the games. You can play the sequences right away when you decide to play it. HAHA.
Buy with no remorse. You will love this game.