Amazing close future horror shooter for hardcore action fans

User Rating: 8.5 | F.E.A.R. PC
So, what can I say ? Monolith really did this one. Let's start with graphics

Graphics : Game is run on Monolith's Lithtech or Jupiter EX engine.
And yes visually graphics are perfect. Movement, weapon design and level design are interesting (I mean that 10mm HV penetrator is really interesting thing, definitely my favorite weapon)
You just enjoy this beautiful graphic

Gameplay : You are point man and you are new to F.E.A.R. team, but you are sent to the mission in search for Paxton Fettel that control a thousand of replica soldiers with his psychic powers. More you dig for him, more and more secrets are revealed and you find out that Fettel in no longer your biggest threat.......

Effects : Way that grenade explodes, and you see detonation and dust rising, level destroying and body parts flying with blood that hits walls. I mean fun. It is just amazing on how many ways you can destroy enemy. Kicking them, nailing them to the wall (my favorite), blowing 'em up with shotgun, which can cut them on half, rip heads off and then kicking them etc, etc. Ways that visions appears are scary and that is one of the main things in the game.

Sound : Atmosphere sound is perfect. But more important, enemy chat is good, actually, they have great conversation between eachother. I still love to use their words from time to time. And surprise they express when you suddenly attack and scream when they die. just great

All in all great storyline, search for paranormal, action, horror. All that in this amazing game. You just have to play it