A spooky game with great concept.

User Rating: 9.4 | F.E.A.R. PC
The game begins with a very intresting intro scene, which shows Paxton Fettel getting control over a whole army of clone soldiers which in result capture and occupy a research facility under his command.
You yourself are a recruit into First Encounter Assault Reacon - a squad mainly concentrated upon investigating pananormal happenings.
The first level starts with you sent inside the captured facility, and while running through and shooting a whole brigade of clone soldiers through the building, you encounter some visions of your mind at specific locations, some of them are just memories, but some are really spooky visions including Alma - a small dead girl appearing in unexpected moments.
Even though Alma is considered only a vision at beginning, she later on murders a whole bunch of innoncent people using a sort of psychic force.
You sometimes even encounter her in close range, and since she is immortal, the only choice is to back off from her, otherwise she will kill you instantly.
She also calls in demons from parralel dimensions, which are dangerous only when in large numbers, since they are taken down with a shot or two from any weapon.
Talking about weapons, F.E.A.R has one of the most detailed weapons ever conceived in a game, not only that, it really feels like firing a gun, especially in large battles when every object in the game is totally destructible and reacts to bullet shots with maximum realism.
Speaking of realism and graphics, Monolith has done an outstanding job combining such outstanding visuals with an addicting spooky gameplay.
And even though the spooky moments of the game are quite short, it's way better what Doom 3 had to offer.
Scary things appear here in such unexpected places, that it stops you from continuing playing the game for some seconds, especially when Alma suddenly appears running towards you in the vent, believe me, this is one of the most spookiest moment the gaming industry ever offerred.
But the scary parts are not only about visual, but also about the spooky sounds which are all around the game, the sound effects are truly perfectly conducted and combined along with the gameplay process
So as you might understand from this review, F.E.A.R is truly a masterpiece of gaming art and it sets a new high standard for horror games.
It also proves that a game can be nearly perfect in every aspect, wheither it's the incredibly smart A.I which keeps you challenged or the terrific spooky gameplay along with perfect visuals and sound.
I have only to hope more high quality games like this will appear in soon time, or at least F.E.A.R.2.