A very good shooter, and definitely a very good scare!

User Rating: 9 | F.E.A.R. PC
F.E.A.R. contains everything a shooter needs to.

The weapons are awesome, and it feels so freakin' good when firing them! Though there's not a big variety among them, they are still awesome, and that's just enough.

AI's great, and enemies look cool too, big and scary guys. Ouuuh! They speak to each other, they almost "discuss" tactics, and sometimes they hurl grenades at you, and try to flank you. Awesome!

The story sucks you in, although you might sometimes need some time to think about it, and put the pieces together if you want to fully understand it. When you do, it's a good story indeed. And there is nothing better than games with a great story, right? (Especially if the story involves a japanese girl with black hair covering her face!)

Great gameplay, which is very solid, and overall it's just very fun to go through the game. Let's just say that you won't get bored :) And it also has these sequences where you'll be falling of your chair. The "Oh Snap!"-reward, as gamespot would call it.

A shooter mixed with horror is a great cocktail. Prepare for an extremely scary and amazing experience! Go, go, buy it!