Not as good as the PC but just as good as 360

User Rating: 8.5 | F.E.A.R. PS3
People are looking at this game all wrong it is over a year old now when it released on PC, but the action and visuals are still just as good. The controller scheme needs work, Id give FEAR Resistance's controller functions if anything else.

This game still freaks me out even though Ive played through the story over 10 times, on PS3 its just as freaky. The story line is a little confusing but it all sorts out in the end. The Artificial Intelligence in FEAR is intense, The AI will flank you, fake their death when you shoot them, also they will strategize to find the best way to take you down. Some will take cover as the others will flank.

The xbox 360's version of the game has a bit better performance and the PC just looks and plays amazingly good, but if you have PS3 pick this game up. Also if you've never played it before then it will be worth it on your PS3.