Bullet time never get old

User Rating: 10 | F.E.A.R. PC

F.E.A.R stand for First Encounter Assault Recon is highly regarded as one of the greatest FPS of all time. its atmosphere is incredible dark and gritty environment and shooting by slow mo never get old. to this date no game has better combat than this game right here. I never really liked monolith previous game that was NOLF but when it comes to FEAR they nailed it. why? we will discuss more. shall we?

First lets talk about Story. Story in this game is fantastic and confusing at same time. you play as Point man, a member of FEAR team who possesses superhuman reflexes, and must uncover the secrets of a paranormal menace in the form of a little girl that is project origins and find and kill paxten fattel who lead an army of Replica Elite soldiers who are cloned super soldier.

Gameplay wise its brilliant in every single way. the AI is best i have ever seen. you turn on flashlight, they yell "flashlight" and then they turn object into coverable instead of standing just to cover. incredibly smart AI is. Shooting is also perfect. like best i have ever seen. getting slow mo, using ability, shooting enemies just so damn incredibly satisfying. shootout at car park is one of the best firefight i have ever experience.

The weakest thing is its design is just too linear and same office building. but still its incredibly amazing design game.

Overall, its a must play game. if you are fan of FPS. you have to play it, if you are a fan of horror you have to play it. Its really amazing. incredible. only Masterpiece Monolith ever made.

One of the best game ever made.