The Best FPS game of all time

User Rating: 10 | F.E.A.R. PC

Graphics: The game is not rich with colour but makes up for it with a nice and pristine look. I also really love the texture work. Long distance rendering is very poor though. I play this game at 1440p maxed out on a GTX 780 ti.

Gameplay: This is what i really love about this game. The AI is amazing and fights you hard, using cover and aggressive maneuvers. The game requires you to be aggressive but also intelligent. The slow motion effect which you sometimes use is also great if you just feel for going into an open area and go a little wild. But mostly its best to left lean and try to be accurate. You can not play this game like COD, you will fail if you do that. So if your into COD, just remember this is a game with a steep difficulty curve and requires some time to get used to. Its important to know when to be aggresive (indoor enviroments) and when to slow it down and take it easy (outdoor enviroments). Overall F.E.A.R just has amazing gunplay, and that is what elevates it above any FPS game out there (even today). The game takes about 6 - 9 hours to complete on your first playthrough.

Overall F.E.A.R is just an amazing fps game to me and gets a glowing recommendation.