More of the same? Yes, and it's still great!

User Rating: 8 | F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin PC
By all means, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin feels like another expansion pack to the original game - it uses the same engine and physic attributes, so graphics and motion did not really change, gameplay formula is unchanged, combat system remains the same, atmosphere will no longer surprise you, but it's still same patterned, and the story telling - it is once again the same story viewed from a different angle with minor sketches of new.
Generally speaking though the game does not present significant improvements, the best pert is that it has all the good stuff from the previous games, does not have lackluster points and as a new game, of course, has some new stuff.
Once more, armed with familiar weapons, and thrown into familiar surroundings you maul every familiar foe using your mouse and keyboard skill and the so familiar time slow skill - i could not care for anything more, since all i wanted out of this game was action, and i have got plenty of it!!!
Of course there will be complains - too short, graphics unchanged, invisible walls, same surroundings, predictive horror elements, not innovative, technical problems or whatever else - did not hurt me at all.
I say if you liked the previous games for what they were at heart - pure combat shooters, and not horror games, you will get this game, and you will like this game!