Fear 2: Project Origin is a good game and fills in a good portion of the story.

User Rating: 8 | F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin PS3
Hi my name is Radman2117 and this is my review of Fear 2:Project Origin. Fear 2 is based on a different team to the origional game and fills in blanks about characters talked about in the original fear.
This game is slightly different to the original with features like a different hud,new versions of weapons from the original aswell as a couple of new weapons and the ability to operate and fight in armors.This game alse has a few new interection features and hand to hand combat features when being pinned or choked by certain enemy's. The characters and storyline are decent and the dialogue is very well put together with the situations. Graphics in this game are crisp are unique, although different to the first game.

Good points about this game are the graphic's, gameplay visual effects and storyline.

Bad points the are the multyplayer wasnt as good as in the first one.

Overall all I did enjoy this game and saw it for its good qualitys I definately recommend it to Fear fans and I give it 8/10.