Great Combat Flight simulator. Good graphics. Realistic and easy to play. Controls are easy and convenient

User Rating: 9.5 | F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom PC
This is one of the great Combat flight simulator I have played. It is very realistic. Jet model is nice and have smooth rendering. You can view your jet and rotate your view 360 degrees as well as your enemy units. Keyboard controls are simple and easy to use. The story is good too. Very realistic.

It has Take Offs and Landings in some missions. I like those missions that started from the Aircraft carrier. Feels like happening in real life. I enjoy the RTB (Return-to-Base) to carrier after a successful mission. Carrier landings are quite hard at first. Needs practice, but addicting when you get used to it.

The dogfight are cool. You can see you opponents in close up, from 30 miles distance, or from 3rd person view with panning, zooming and rotating. You can also see them being blown up by your missles from the sky.

Overall, it is an amazing experience playing this game. Entertaining. Easy to learn and familiarized. Employes realistic scenario, maps, jet models and story. I Highly recommend this to flight sim fanatics