User Rating: 6.8 | F-22 Raptor PC

gameplay-The shooting is tedious but satisfying, the physics are good, the missles are alright, the counter measures are alright. The enemies can be difficult and there are secret ways of bombing their base. Overall, not enough weapons, not enough baddies. It gets boring flying around and launhing missles though. At least the landings fun.

graphics-good for its time but the explosions framerate is terrible, also the resoultion doesnt look that great. Other than that, I liked the debris and the red/black out effect. The fog and clouds wasn't bad either. The textures could use some touching up, though.

sound- nice dialogue, occasionally funny, and some good sounds. The music is midi. On top of that there are only 5 songs.

value-sort of outdated. if you are a aircraft geek you might want to buy.

tilt-i am writing evrything in lowercase. Want to know why? Ask my doctor...